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Joker Ent. Studio is a recording studio that caters to the sound and artistic visions our clients. At our studio we have many years of experience in recording, producing, mixing and mastering for artists and companies on an extremely high quality industry standard level. Quality and direction can easily make or break an artist's chance at having their song played on radio, in movies, or becoming a top song on music charts. So for any artists that need high quality recordings, we at Joker Ent. Studio are your answer.
At Joker Ent. Studio we record a variety of artists from R&B and Rap to Pop and Gospel. We also work with and record a wide range of clients and artists that have different levels of experience. Therefore if you are an international recording artist, a corporation needing music, or someone simply wanting to record their creative ideas, know that we are more than ready to help you with your production needs!

We have recorded artist such as: 2 Chainz, Yo Gotti, Young Thug, Lil Boosie, Rocko, Hurricane Chris, Chicago Mass Choir's lemmie battles, Dedrick Jones, Friendly Womack (Bobby Womack's Song) Sweet Brown, Gorilla Zoe, endless major, local,regional artist and many more...
We have produced songs featuring artist such as: Bobby V, Lil Boosie, Yo Gotti, 2 Chainz, Young Buck, Glasses Malone, Soulja Boy, Diamond, Calico Jonez and many more.
We are looking forward to working with you!!
We've edited songs featuring artist such as: Nicki Minaj, Kevin Gates, Young Dolph, Twista, T-Pain etc. 

Why Record With Us??
When you want to have a professional sound, it's absolutely essential that you use a professional recording studio. The reason being: If you record at a professional studio your product will be much higher quality. This is because you are working with someone that has massive years of experience with different artist , different recording styles, and situations. We as professional recording engineer's have a combined over 30 years of experience in making music sound great! We know your goals as an artist or company is to have an end result of the best quality and song you could imagine and take pride in helping you to achieve that goal. When you are putting out material it should most always be of the best quality that I can be. You also want to give your audience the best impression possible! You never know what song will be your first heard song from a listener and potential fan. Every song you publicly release will scream to them what level you are at and either causes them to be a fan and join your movement or cause them to have no reaction at all and never listen to you again. You most definitely want them to become a fan. That’s the main goal! Becoming a successful artist, businessman or businesswoman requires proper delegation or hiring out jobs of what needs to be done to make your situation successful. Your business's highest income-producing activity is your effort in writing and making the best songs. Strengthen your strengths and hire out or delegate the rest. We will be more than happy to handle your recording, mixing and mastering for you!


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What Is Mixing??

Mixing is the process after a song is tracked or recorded of blending all the individual tracks in a recording to create a final version of the song that sounds as good as possible – the “mix”. 

The process can include: 

Balancing the levels of the tracks that have been recorded 
Fine-tuning the sound of each instrument or voice using equalization (EQ) 
“Panning” the tracks between speakers to create a stereo image 
Tuning Vocals to make sure the singer is in "key" with the song
Adding reverb, delay, compression, and other effects to enhance the original recording 

Mixing often also includes a good deal of editing – choosing the best bits of every take of a song (which we call "comping", and sometimes even building musical elements from scratch. Sometimes there is so much editing involved it forms a separate stage in between tracking and mixing.
A song is only as good as its Mix!! 

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What Is Mastering??

  • Mastering is where we achieve the "Volume" and "Loudness" in your song(s).
  • Ever wondered why your music sounds flat and low in comparison to your favorite artist or a Major Released song?
  • Ever wondered why you have to adjust the volume of each of your songs because they aren't all playing at the same optimal volume?

It's because all "Major" releases go through the recording>Mixing>Mastering process. 

Mastering is also were the final EQ, Limiting and compression is added to your song that it "Translates Well" which means that-It sounds good an whatever device you play it in, whether it's your ipod, car stereo, phone, home stereo, T.V., tablet The Club or on The Radio!!!

Mastering is a vital step that shouldn't be skipped if you want the have your song at its best

Mastering is also the process of turning a collection of songs into an album (or single, or playlist, or podcast…) and combining them to create a final master for manufacturing. 

A great mix shines in conjunction with a great Master on it.
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 When you need High Quality Audio Recording.
Joker Ent. Studio Is your Answer.

How Can You Get Your Music Discovered? 

Are you a musician or artist but not sure how to get your act noticed? Here is our advice on getting discovered. 

Top tips on being discovered 

• Register your band for as many websites as possible, for example, Soundcloud, Facebook,, Tumblr, Flickr, and Twitter. 
• Get on new websites as soon as they launch. By being aware of what websites have started up and are becoming popular, you will have an advantage in getting your music heard to new audiences. 
• Get your music out there. Leave comments on blogs, forums, and other social networking sites, however, do not spam! This will lose you credibility and will potentially annoy people. 
• Ask for feedback from people, but don’t get angry if the reaction is negative. You're never going to appeal to everyone. 

Build a buzz around your music 

Gigging or doing shows regularly will get you seen and heard, but getting your demo out and posting music online will help too. 

It’s now more important than ever to be creative with your music, and this will help you stand out from the crowd. It’s a competitive market so think how you can get your music noticed. Getting your music professionally recorded, mixed and mastered will set you apart from the rest who half step.

Remember that conquering your local scene should be your first port of call. Become the best-known band in your area. Once this happens, people within the music industry will travel to see you. 

Make contacts with as many people within your local music scene as possible. This includes gig promoters, DJs, venue owners, independent music shop owners, and music bloggers. 

Want your music to be played on the radio? 

Getting played on the radio is a tough task. It’s a very competitive market to break into and you are battling against big international artists, who radio stations are more likely to play due to their popularity. However, don’t forget that they had to start somewhere too! 

The most popular radio station will play established artists during the day, however, there are still shows, particularly at night, where less heard or unsigned artists can be played. 

However, getting played on regional, local, student and online radio should also be a priority. 

It is important to remember that DJs and producers get sent hundreds of records every week, so don’t be too disheartened if you don’t receive a reply straight away! 

If you are sending a CD to a radio producer: 

• Only put 2 or 3 of your best tracks on it. 
• Print the track listing and add some basic information about your band, linking to your Sound Cloud account. 
• Put a label on your CD and make it as professional looking as possible. 
• Don’t give too much information. They won't have the time to read a lot so try to be short and sweet. 

Do these things and you will definitely have an advantage and a good starting point. Don't forget to never stop learning and trying new things and to hire out or barter the other jobs you need in making your career a MAJOR SUCCESS!! GOOD LUCK!!